What is “That Jungle Life”?

That Jungle Life is the story of a community of people living in a small fishing village called “El Valle” in the heart of the Samana peninsula of the Dominican Republic.
Each week we make a video that highlights the area and attempts to create magic moments for the people who live here.

100% Transparency

That Jungle Life is a video series, NOT a non-profit.
We are not professionals, and do not have the resources or time to run a full-fledged humanitarian operation, YET. Our goal is to start small and over time grow this platform to attract and collaborate with individuals and organizations who are more established and do have the experience and skills to help with the big things that this community really needs. If you can help with this, please message us.
To check out which groups and charity organizations we’d most like to work with, please see our collaborations page.

We’re just a rag-tag team of goofy friends

But we want to do big things.

We believe in:

Experiences over things | Preserving Nature | Celebrating Culture | Leading with love